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Employment Opportunities

Imaging Resource Centers, Ltd (IRC) offers an excellent employment program including health benefits; 401K program; tuition reimbursement; and reimbursement for continuing education. To apply for a position or to send your resume for future position openings please mail to the address above, or call 1-937-424-9268.



Current Openings


DEXA Radiologic Technologist (RT)

We are always recruiting qualified applicants for the position for DEXA Radiologic Technologist for our expanding fleet of mobile DEXA scanners.  Full and part-time positions are possible.  Our technologist do not have on-call duties; work weekends; or holidays.  Pay is competitive and based on experience.  All related travel expenses are company paid.  Will train in DEXA techonology.





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scanImaging Resource Centers, LTD. (IRC) was founded in April 1997 as an Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility providing DEXA diagnostic testing for Osteoporosis. The organization scanned its first six patients in April 1997 and now averages nearly 2000 DEXA scans a month. IRC is recognized as a national leader in mobile DEXA scans, providing services throughout the Midwestern states of OH, KY, IL, TN and IN. The organization diligently made decisions to expand their market for which it is currently providing services to the Northeastern states of ME, MA, NJ, RI, CT, NY and NH. As a result, IRC's physician client base increased considerably along with the volume of tests provided.


The result of the expanded market spawned the request from IRC's physician client base to expand services beyond its current DEXA services. Marketing and physician dialogue motivated IRC to explore the disease state of Diabetes. The service provided would be physician based "in-office/campus" mobile diabetic retinopathy. Research, marketing and physician input indicated a service was needed that could tackle patient diabetic retinopathy disease state management and compliance.


IRC's concentrated market or rural physician offices provided that by taking the service to these areas did in fact improve patient compliance and assist physician management of diabetic retinopathy. Patients enjoyed the luxury of now having state of the art technology provided in the familiar and convenient environment of their primary care physician office. IRC continually evaluated the service and in December of 2008 with the recommendation of physician input, decided to add Glaucoma screening and Nerve Conduction services to its model. The addition of these two diagnostic tests now provided a comprehensive service focusing upon diabetics in a mobile setting. As a results, patient compliance regarding diabetic management areas has increased and physician HEDIS standards are being closely monitored.


IRC has implemented standard policies to insure future patient compliance. Retinopathy recall procedures based upon Medicare testing frequency has proven instrumental in the maintenance of diabetic patient eye care.



"To be a regional leader in diagnostic testing services and equipment. "




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- Realize desired goals through professional dedication and effort.


- Maintain superior services and products repeatedly over time.

Team Work

- Work together to achieve a common goal benefiting all involved.


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"To be a regional leader in diagnostic testing services and equipment into the 21st century."

Imaging Resource Centers provides value-added, patient-oriented, diagnostic services and equipment to health care providers, utilizing the highest quality equipment and professional employees. It is our mission to offer these diagnostic services in a timely, reliable, and professional manner.